My education and my own therapy have taught me that the mind and body are functionally identical.  What you think can and does affect how you feel, and what you feel affects how think.

I work at both levels, with people who are interested in doing that.  In addition to traditional talk therapy, I am also able to work somatically (with the body) to help you understand your body’s “language,” resolve your emotional problems, discover deeper levels of understanding and resolution, and realize more of your potential for pleasure and joy in living. In my own life, my focus on the somatic aspects has enabled me to feel more alive, connected, and integrated, and I am glad to provide you with an opportunity to find that for yourself too.

The somatic perspective that I primarily draw from is the one from Bioenergetic Analysis, which is a way of understanding psychological growth and development and of working with it in ways that are 1) rooted in psychoanalytic theory and practice, 2) focused on the body, 3) derived from and integrating understandings about psychological development, and 4) centered in the practice of psychotherapy. (See http://www.bioenergetic-therapy.com/ and http://www.bioenergeticspress.com/ for more information).  This is also explained further in “Bioenergetic Analysis: A Body-Oriented Psychotherapy” (click on menu option in sidebar).

The perspective on the mind that I primarily draw from is a contemporary view of psychoanalysis, which draws from all of the lessons learned from psychoanalytic study, not just those of Freud.  My approach takes what I consider to be the best of those various outlooks, especially many of the more modern ones among them, and adds some from my own experience, particularly about the role of trauma in our lives.  It integrates understandings about the unconscious, how your mind organizes your sense of self and experience, how present day living and interacting is influenced by events that have happened in your past, and how all of that affects your current relationships and interactions.  While it pays attention to your past, it is focused on the here and now of your life.

For people who aren’t interested in the somatic work, I am happy to stay strictly in a talk-therapy mode.

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