Addiction refers to those kinds of behaviors (what are sometimes or loosely called “habits”) that involve the interplay between several factors. These may involve substances, behaviors, or an interchange among them.

    • Recurrent, Persistent Thoughts That Seem To Invade Your Consciousness
    • You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them
    • Impulses That Seem To Drive You
    • Things That You Feel You Have To Do
    • You Do Them Even Though You “Know” You Shouldn’t
    • You Do Them Even Though They Have Negative Consequences In Your Life
    • The Need For More Of The Substance Or Behavior In Order To Reach The Desired And Previously Obtained Effect
    • You Need To Do It More In Order To Have It “Work” For You
    • You Depend On It In Order To Feel Good
    • You Feel Like You Can’t Do Without It
    • You Need It, Not Just Want It
    • You Feel Bad When You Don’t Use The Substance Or Do The Behavior
    • Symptoms May Include:
      • Change In Mood
      • Anxiety/Panic
      • Restlessness
      • Agitation
      • Irritability
      • Apathy
      • Attention/Concentration Difficulties
      • Sleep Disturbances
      • Change In Appetite
      • Depression
      • Physical Discomforts/Distress
      • Tremors/Convulsions
      • Change In Sexual Appetite/Functioning
    • You Return (Or Are Strongly Drawn To Return) To The Substance Or Behavior In Order To Relieve The Discomfort Or Distress Of The Withdrawal Symptoms
    • Alcohol
    • Marijuana
    • Cocaine
    • Methamhetamines
    • “Party” Drugs
    • Other Drugs
    • Food
      • Compulsive Overeating
      • Bulimia
      • Anorexia
    • People often recognize that they may have difficulty with alcohol or drugs, though frequently they also need some help to evaluate how great that difficulty is or isn’t and what they might be able to do about it. You might be asking some of the same questions about some of your behaviors as well, such as:
      • Computer Or Internet Usage
      • Online Porn
      • Sexual Behaviors And Compulsions
      • Gambling
      • Spending
      • TV Watching
      • Eating
      • Cutting (Self Mutilation)
      • Any Other Thing You Do That Somehow Feels Questionable Or Possibly Out Of Control In Your Life
    • Identity Issues
    • Thought Processes
    • Relationship Issues
      • Includes Some Of The Ways You Interact With Other People.
      • Some People Even Feel Like They Are Addicted To Another Person, What Sometimes Has Been Referred To As “Love Addiction.”
    • 12-Step – Yes or no?
      • I am comfortable working either within a 12-step model or outside it
      • Some people are able to work easily with the 12-step idea of a “higher power,” while others are not.  I am comfortable working with you to explore and examine what works best for you concerning this issue.
    • Some people have a goal of complete sobriety, whereas others want to work towards “harm reduction.”  I am comfortable working with you to explore what your goals are and to help you reach them.
    • Many people working with me find it extremely helpful to begin looking at many of the issues and behaviors in their life from a perspective of addiction.  They often discover that it adds understanding and avenues for change and resolution.

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