Brief Psychotherapy

People use this term in many different ways, and that may be confusing for people who are new therapy. Some people refer to “brief psychotherapy” as indicating a length of time, and holding it in contrast to the in-depth therapy that takes much longer. In those cases, the “brief” therapy may still take several months. Other people use the term to indicate a particular focus of the therapy, and yet even then that usage may be different from one person to the next.

What I mean by brief therapy is a crisis orientation. It particularly addresses the question, “Why Now?” concerning what the issue is that you are seeking help with. Sometimes, being able to discover the answer to that question may be all the resolution that you need, and that’s why it’s called “brief.” It may provide a refocusing of your attention, thinking, and understanding in a way that helps you to get back to your life as it was before that thing happened. Alternatively, it may provide a focus on that event that may reveal deeper meanings or traumatic underpinnings that may need a deeper examination and working through, and that may lead you into an in-depth therapy in order address and resolve those issues in your life.

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