Corporate/Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching

Consulting and Executive Coaching

Let my psychological and psychoanalytic understandings about people and the systems in which they work help you and your company to grow and prosper. One of the marks of professionalism is to know when to ask for help and then to be able to reach out for it.

All companies have times when a greater understanding of its people, organization, and the processes in the company can help the business work better, be more efficient, and be more profitable. My expertise is people: the ways they think, behave, interact with others, and how they operate within organizations. Every level of leadership shapes whether the system operates optimally or dysfunctionally.

I understand how systems operate within and between organizations. Each component of the company will either contribute to or detract from the smooth and effective functioning of the whole. I can help you to eliminate the dysfunction from your business operation and maximize its optimal functioning.

I do this for my patients. I can do this for your company.

    • Improving Your Leadership Skills
      • Communications
      • Relationships With Co-Workers
      • Resolving Conflicts
      • Enhancing Interactions With Clients
    • Understanding Your Clients Better
      • Working With Difficult Clients
      • Helping To Close The Deal

When All Your Best Efforts Haven’t Worked
Maybe It’s Time to Talk to a Professional

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