Case Consultation — Therapists

One of the marks of professionalism is to know when to ask for help and then to be able to reach out for it.
We all have times when people present us with issues or situations where we may benefit from consulting with another professional who has particular expertise. At those times, this can increase our understanding of our patient in a particular situation or offer a fresh or alternative perspective that may help the therapy move along more effectively.

    • Issue Oriented – Especially Regarding:
      • Trauma
        • Incident Trauma
        • Person To Person Trauma
          • Victims Of Violent Crime
          • Acts Of War
        • Accident
          • Car Accident
          • Other
        • Natural Disasters
          • Earthquake
          • Fire
          • Flood
          • Other
      • Developmental Trauma
        • (Not Just Incident Trauma Of Childhood)
      • Addictions
        • Substances
        • Behaviors
      • Gay/Lesbian Issues
      • Psychoanalytic Understandings
        • Particular Attention To Traumatic Underpinnings
      • Somatic Understandings/Bioenergetic Analysis

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