Collaborative Divorce Coaching

Collaborative divorce is an alternative form of marital dissolution. In contrast to divorce litigation, the collaborative process involves the couple and their respective attorneys working together toward the sole goal of reaching an efficient, fair, and comprehensive settlement of all issues, as you determine what that would be. They work with a team of other professionals, including financial and mental health consultants, to help you resolve the issues of your divorce and to plan for a new future.

Divorce mediation is another form of alternative marital dissolution. Both methods may draw on the resources of other professionals to help you reach your goal of getting a divorce without fighting it out in court where other people decide your future.

As a divorce coach, I work as part of your team to help you focus on reaching a divorce agreement that you can feel is fair and livable. Part of this effort is helping you to communicate more effectively with your divorcing partner and with the team so that you can reach that goal.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not psychotherapy, however. There is a distinction between the role of a Therapist and the role of the Coach. Here, the work is more focused. As a therapist, I would be helping you to address, work through, and resolve the issues that are psychologically and emotionally troubling for you. As your divorce coach, I would be helping you to focus on reaching the goal you have set for yourself, which is to resolve the process of your divorce in a way that is most fair and amicable, in your own view, instead of fighting it out in court where a judge would decide what they think is fair and equitable instead of you making that decision. This means addressing the issues of the divorce and dealing with any emotional aspects that get in the way of your having a divorce you can live with.

The roles of therapist and coach are complimentary, but they are not identical. Often, people have both a therapist and a divorce coach, each working with you within the specific focus of that particular role in helping you to reach your goals. Therefore, if I will be your divorce coach, I would be happy to refer you to other professionals who can help you as a therapist. Similarly, if I will be your therapist, I would be happy to refer you to other professionals who can help you as a divorce coach.

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