Depression & Medication – Research on Effectiveness


“Scientists have long understood the power of the mind when it comes to illness and disease, but the research gaining momentum today goes far beyond the mind-over-matter approach….

“Studies have shown that general aches and pains, headaches, high blood pressure, obesity, respiratory disease, mental illness, and even death from heart disease and cancer can result when a person’s emotional well-being is ignored….

“Today, research is showing that a person’s physical and emotional well-being is often a more accurate measure of how productive he or she is going to be….

“Tending to emotional health and well-being of individuals can not only have a direct and positive impact on physical health but can have an equally positive impact on organizations as well….

“Research shows that attending to the things that stress employees – feeling like they aren’t able to influence decisions, or that they have little or no control over their own schedules – goes a long way in creating an atmosphere that is less stressful, has less absenteeism, and allows greater productivity….


Fortune, January 24, 2005. A New Health Care Prescription.


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